REVEAL - Raising Effectiveness of Volunteering in Europe through Adult Learning
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REVEAL - Raising Effectiveness of Volunteering in Europe through Adult Learning

Foundation for Freedom partner of REVEAL

Foundation for Freedom

Foundation for Freedom is a non-profit organization founded in Warsaw in 2004. Its activities are addressed to people at risk of exclusion because of their origin, skin color, religion, age, sex or sexual orientation. We work with children, adults and seniors. Our team includes psychologists, sociologists, ethnographers, educators and linguists; Poles and foreigners.

The main programs:

Ethnoleague: multicultural football league for integration of people from approx. 50 countries, both women and men. Sport plays an important cultural role and gives a sense of social belonging. Football, a passion shared by millions, creates natural conditions for pooling of educational activities. We use its universal rules to teach fair play and anti-discrimination attitudes. Participants together prepare presentations, cook, participate in workshops, demonstration matches and other events. The tournaments are organized for adults and children. We run school of football and fair play for youth. We are an active member of the international Football Against Racism in Europe network, the official UEFA partner. We organize international seminars for experts, youth exchanges and workshops for teachers of physical education on the methodology anti-discrimination in sport; in 2014 we issued an innovative manual in this field. We also initiate exhibitions and debates about anti-Semitic attitudes of the football fans.

Targowek: program for young refugees from the refugee center "Targowek" in Warsaw. It is a support tool for kids who face integration with the Polish society. It aims to prepare them for school, social peer contacts and independent functioning in the future. We teach Polish language, help to do their homework, play safely and develop different skills. We also run sport activities and excursions and work individually with whole families.

Volunteering: we realize several projects of international volunteering and youth exchanges co-financed by Erasmus+. We work with dozens of organizations from across Europe, as well as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, China and Mexico among others. We are also a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation - an informal group of more than a hundred organizations working in the field of intercultural dialogue in Poland and promotion of cooperation with the Mediterranean region.

T-shirt for Freedom: the aim of the campaign, which started in 2004, was to stimulate discussion on tolerance and minority rights in Poland. It is a solidarity gesture with groups discriminated because of their appearance, origin, sex, disease and other traits. T-shirts with slogans like "I'm a lesbian", "I'm unemployed", "I was in prison", "I am an Arab", "I do not listen to the Pope" revealed nationwide discussion. The campaign has been supported by Oliviero Toscani and dozens of important Polish politicians, artists and athletes. T-shirts were sold out to thousands of people, we also held many debates and exhibitions.

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